Mission & Object
Civil Society Network is NGO dedicated to social causes like Education, Health, Sanitation, Human and Consumer Rights. It act as an advocacy group for the deprived, marginalized and weaker section of the society run by a team of dedicated and well educated professionals, its mission is promotion of social equality and cohesion in the society.
Its undertake research, projects and organizes seminar, discussion for achieving its goal.

The Society is formed to work for the betterment of civil society and has following objective:

  • 1To work for the adequate provision & improvement of civic amenities, like sanitations, safe drinking water, dispensaries/hospitals ,public transport & provision of other public utilities like banks, mother dairies, LPG distribution cenres in the settlements of Delhi

  • 2To work for the adequate facilities & provision of health care , educational institutions, community centres libraries and upgradation of other infrastructural facilities like roads, parks etc. in all localities of Delhi

  • 3Promotion of awareness, literacy and educational activities, setting up of training/incubation centres for self help groups, career counseling and setting up of schools and vocational training centres.

  • 4Organising of seminars, conferences and publications of newsletters, newspapers and books etc. & undertaking research activities required to help to achieve the objectives of the society.

  • 5To grant stipends, scholarship, awards etc. to the needy and deserving students .

  • 6To raise issue related with consumer rights and strengthening of consumer movement in country.

  • 7Establishing and Acquiring moveable and immoveable items and infrastructure and its maintenance, disposal, alterations, mortgaging etc. that may be necessary for the above said objectives

  • 8To frame bye laws, rules and regulations and to amend and alter or delete the same as and when necessary.

  • 9To undertake any steps, procedure, act as may be deemed necessary to attain the aims and objectives of the Society.

  • 10To carry out all such things that are essential or conducive to the realization of above mentioned objectives.


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